Hi My name is Soph and overthe last three years, I’ve become anemojiholic ( “Hi Soph!”). My for emoji is rivaled only by this man’s passion for potatoes . You may wonder, why is emoji the dot com (and more importantly, howhas that domain name not been picked upby ISIS)? So glad you asked:

  • The eggplant emoji has superseded the need for maritalcounselors. This is the 21st century!
  • Speaking of therapy, emojinalysis is psychoanalysis for your recently used emoji. Marginallyfunner than cryingwhile your therapist mindlessly draws phallic symbols on their notepad
  • The Library of Congress inducted Emoji Dick, an emoji transliteration of Moby Dick, in February 2013 and it’s 250 pages of the whale emoji 麻. I don’t think I will ever get over this fact. I am also persuaded thatthe title alone will become a qualifier for some new, strange, delightful affront onthe church #Rule34
  • After scrapbooking’s slow death followingthe Great DIY Resurgence of 2006- with the exception of very gentrifiedBrooklynneighborhoods where the neo-Luddite regional economy forcefully keeps it on life support- the only introspection currently available to us comes in the form of adorable, ubiquitous, playful, and expressive little characters
  • We finally have more diverse gender and racial options to tailor our emoji to our experiencesaka I can finallybe a working woman and the 1950s are but a distant memory… (caveat emptor)
  • How can we ever forget the historic crowning of the emoji as Word of the Year 2015? #NeverForget
  • Emoji are now cited as evidence in courtroom trials and we are all breathlessly awaiting the Sorkin rendition
  • I was an early adopter of Emoj.li, the first emoji-only social network which, unfortunately, shut downin July 2015 to the dismay of… me and maybe one other person. My username was 儭 because I love tea and I’m original. If you arelooking for an emoji-only buddy to chat to, feel free toreach out
  • People like Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia,Jake Duncan, Luke Stark and so many others are part of a vibrantcommunity of emoji lovers on Twitter , and this is incredibly exciting
  • The irremediablecringeof watching corporations and celebrities try to relate to millennials with their emoji usage on Twitter only to be turned into, forgive the expression, “dank memes” (unsurprising to us internet denizens, but in case you’ve never read a Youtube comment, the internet is a ruthless place, youth is wasted on the young, and other half- ed platitudes)

These are only a few reasons why emoji has become a consummate passion of mine. On my blog I will write about emoji history, emoji culture, emoji tools and innovations that inspire me, and generally try to spread the love. Thanks for reading!